GRIIS™, A Premium Strain Inspection Service For Healthy Products

We analyze the genomes of strains used in probiotic products to provide an accurate identification of the strains, search and identify potentially toxic and antibiotic resistance genes, as well as conduct a composition analysis.


EzBiome’s Premium Strain Inspection Service For Probiotics

Highly Optimized Technology

Identification based on the full-length genome of the production strain
Enhanced composition analysis using full-length sequence of 16S rRNA gene
Investigate up to strain level

Verification and Reporting

Provides complete analysis reports and details

Highly Accurate Database

EzBiome’s premium expert curated database: TrueBac DB
Verified data quality
Contains the most important strains data in hospitals and industries

Monitoring and Management

Master seed/product QC
Regular monitoring service available to track variations

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  • GRIIS Essential
  • GRIIS Composition
GRIIS Essential



GRIIS Essential service targets raw material strains (master seed) used in dietary supplement and probiotics products. We provide a detailed genome analysis report with accurate identification of the master seeds. Your report can be used for regulatory clearance and patent registration.

The difference between GRIIS Essential<sup>TM</sup> and regular whole genome analysis

GRIIS Essential
NGS (PacBio and MiSeq)
Genome completion guaranteed
TrueBac DB
Identification included
For research and industry purpose
Analysis report provided

Analysis report provided

Whole Genome Analysis
NGS (PacBio and MiSeq)
Genome completion not guaranteed
EzBioCloud DB
Identification not included
For research use only
Analysis web-tool provided

Analysis web-tool provided

GRIIS Composition

GRIIS Composition<sup>TM</sup>

Genome Analysis And Identification Of Master Strains

GRIIS Composition targets dietary supplement and probiotics products made of single or multiple strains.

Based on 16S rRNA genes, we check the existence and relative abundance of strains in the product and provide a product composition analysis report. The report can be used as evaluation materials for product reliability and quality check.

The difference between GRIIS Composition<sup>TM</sup> and regular microbiome taxonomic profiling

GRIIS Composition
16S rRNA gene full length
Test in triplicate
TrueBac DB
For research and industry purpose
Analysis report provided
Microbiome Taxonomic Profiling
The V3V4 of the 16S rRNA gene
16S rRNA full length gene
Single test
EzBioCloud DB
For research use only
Analysis web-tool provided