Our Brand of Microbial Identification Service Leads the World in Definitive Identifications

EzBiome’s brand of microbial identification offers the most accurate ID for bacterial and fungal identification in a cGMP compliant facility. EzBioCloud, the world’s best curated 16S rRNA database, has been providing identifications since 2009 with more than 2,988,000 for industry and research institutions. With our leadership in microbial database curation and our extensive microbial ID expertise, we now offer a complete end-to-end genotypic-based ID solution.

Microbial Identification
Bacterial Identification
  • EzBac-16SID service provides you a fast and reliable bacterial identification. It is designed to support active environmental monitoring programs for bio-manufacturing facilities and whole process performed under a strict cGMP environment.
  • EzBac-GenomeID service offers a definitive bacterial identification based on the whole genome sequence. It is THE most accurate identification system currently available in the market. If you are having trouble with distinguishing your unknown isolate from closely related organisms.
  • EzFun-ITSID provides you a fungal identification based on ITS sequence followed by the phylogenetic relationship between your unknown isolate and its closely related organisms. It is the fast and reliable fungal identification to support environmental monitoring programs in bio-manufacturing facilities. We perform the whole process under a strict cGMP environment.
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Why Focus On Genotypic Identification

Several different microbial identification technologies have become available in the market, however, the use of the 16S rRNA gene sequence for bacteria and the ITS region for fungi are the gold standard. While other phenotypic and proteotypic methods have limitations with their accuracy and frequent misidentifications, the 16S rRNA and ITS region constantly have the most accurate identifications with the largest supported reference databases.

The EzBac-16SID and EzFun-ITSID services are designed for routine environmental monitoring programs that need fast, accurate, and reliable turnaround times.


For your difficult investigations, our EzBac-GenomeID service is the best option. Whole-genome sequencing based identification is the most advanced method for species-level identification and strain typing to track your contamination source. We analyze the whole genome sequence rather than just a single gene such as the 16S rRNA gene or any other protein-coding gene. Our WG database includes 10,917 (as of Dec 2020) type strain entries and ready to provide you with accurate species-level identification and strain typing.


Why are you paying more for MALDI-TOF based technology when you get less accuracy and lower reliability compared to genotypic identifications?

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Jul 07, 2021

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