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  • Microbiome/Metagenome Sequencing
  • Metatranscriptome Sequencing
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Metagenome and Microbiome Sequencing

Explore our full suite of sample-to-discovery microbiome sequencing services with EzBioCloud bioinformatics for cross-disciplinary research and studies.

  • Amplicon Sequencing: Our 16S microbiome service offers low-bias amplicon sequencing of bacteria (V1-V3, V3-V4, V4) and fungi (ITS2) community with the most extensive taxonomic (>96% species-level classification rate) and functional (using >16,000 KEGG orthologs) coverage.
  • Shallow Shotgun Sequencing: Our shallow shotgun sequencing optimized for high-biomass samples with a low to moderate host DNA background offers a very cost effective solution for large scale microbiome projects for community surveillance. Learn More
  • Deep Shotgun Sequencing: Together with our laboratory optimized specimen-specific bias-free sample preparation and sequencing, our deep shotgun services offer highly resolved and precise multi-kingdom taxonomic profiling, with comprehensive community characterization and direct functional gene and pathway annotation using most extensive and expert-curated EzBioCloud reference database and analytics. Our database comprises largest number of species with validly published names and includes candidates species, uncultured phylotypes and > 3000potential new species Learn More
Isolate Whole Genome Sequencing

We offer whole genome sequencing of pure microbial isolates with a full suite of whole genome (WG) and comparative genomics (CG) analysis for accurate taxonomic inference, functional annotation, comprehensive characterization, mutational analysis, epidemiological sub-typing, discovery of useful biomarkers and understanding the mechanism of evolution.

It’s a one stop solution for variant detection, strain sub-typing and epidemiology functions to support microbial genomics studies, outbreak investigation, infection control and traceback.

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Genome Report For Industrial Important Strains

GRIIS, a premium genome analysis service, offers world-class sample-to-report and certification services for probiotic strain authentication, safety assessment, certification and compositional screening for mixed strain probiotics. The GRIIS service provides strain level identification and functionality of the probiotic strains based on the full-length genome and the final product test confirms the presence, composition and quality of single or mixed strains contained in the product using a highly accurate genome sequence database.

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Biomarker Discovery

We study the link between the microbiome and chronic diseases using our proprietary Precision Microbiome Discovery Platform to identify microbes and/or functions that play key roles in health and diseases at an unprecedented accuracy and precision. Our pipeline significantly shortens the time for discovery and development of candidate biomarkers for microbiota-based therapeutics and companion diagnostics for microbiome-related diseases. We offer collaborative research and development services to identify new therapeutic targets and/or bio-markers for companion diagnostics by co-researching on various areas of research.

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Microbial Identification
Bacterial Identification
  • EzBac-16SID service provides you a fast and reliable bacterial identification. It is designed to support active environmental monitoring programs for bio-manufacturing facilities and whole process performed under a strict cGMP environment.
  • EzBac-GenomeID service offers a definitive bacterial identification based on the whole genome sequence. It is THE most accurate identification system currently available in the market. If you are having trouble with distinguishing your unknown isolate from closely related organisms.
  • EzFun-ITSID provides you a fungal identification based on ITS sequence followed by the phylogenetic relationship between your unknown isolate and its closely related organisms. It is the fast and reliable fungal identification to support environmental monitoring programs in bio-manufacturing facilities. We perform the whole process under a strict cGMP environment.
Bioinformatics Services
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  • Genomics
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Microbial Identification
Shotgun Microbiome Profiling

When you need higher resolution taxonomic profiling of metagenomic communities, rely on EzBioClouds Shotgun-based MTP using mWGS data.

Shotgun-based MTP can achieve high sequence coverage, allowing very rare bacterial species to be identified. It usually generates longer contigs as well, which can be analyzed by gene prediction software, to assign gene functionality to them. Identify unique clade-specific marker genes for taxonomic analysis in an easy to follow pipeline. Achieve better accuracy in predicting genes that contribute to antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which consists of antibiotic genes in both pathogenic and non-pathogenic species.

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Amplicon Bioinformatics

At EzBiome we created the worlds best 16S rRNA amplicon analysis pipeline EzBioCloud MTP. Easy to use and powerful at the same time our platform will help you get the most out of your data.

Microbiome Taxonomic Profiling (MTP) is a cloud-based application for microbial community profiling. Knowing what microbiota are present in a particular sample, has yielded valuable insight into how various species interact with each other and with their environment. This has also yielded insight into the profound effects the human microbiome has on our health and wellness. Microbiome or metagenomic analysis is used to characterize what microbial species are present in a given environment, as well as to measure their relative abundance in a given sample.

High throughput DNA sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene is still the gold standard for objectively surveying the bacterial population and measuring the relative abundance of its components. MTP analysis on EzBioCloud uses our extensive, curated, and taxonomically validated database and optimized in-house pipeline. This lets you easily, and most accurately characterize your samples, usually down to the species level, and visually compare them. Also, with our knowledge of the 16S gene copy number, you can correct and normalize to get more accurate abundance estimates. Our curated and frequently updated genome database also makes functional biomarker predictions from the 16S data more accurate. Learn More

  • The Most up-to-date and qualified taxonomy database, EzBioCloud
  • Effective pipeline for chimera filtering and species-level identification (>96% species level classification rate)
  • Species-level taxonomic biomarker discovery
  • Read count normalization and 16S rRNA copy number correction
  • >20,000 pre-processed public microbiome data for comparison
  • Compatibility of various 16S rRNA region data
  • Functional Prediction from 16S rRNA taxonomic profiles using >10,000 species genome data

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Bacterial Genomics And Comparative Genomics

Full-length genomic analysis service for strain isolates. Results provide genetic information and functional/evolutionary characteristics of the genes through comparison to related species.

EzBiome’s WG service is perfect for studying pathogenicity, antibiotics resistance, microbiome-related functions, diagnostic biomarker discovery, and secondary metabolism. Or you can take your analysis to the next level with comparative genomics, where you select several genomes and go beyond simple discovery. 

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All the open reading frames (ORFs) and RNA and their detailed information annotated in the analysis pipeline are viewed through an easy to use genome browser. You’ll receive publication-ready genome maps and alignments at the click of a button. A Pairwise Ortholog Matrix is generated by a complete calculation of the pairwise ortholog detection within a data set. Two algorithms for ortholog detection methods, namely Reciprocal Best Hit (RBH) and ORF-independents, are used to generate the tables. A Venn diagram provides Pan-genome orthologous groups (POG) sharedness in a pan-genome and is useful for gaining insight into how pan-genome ortholog genes are present differentially across the genomes in a pan-genome. Conduct pathway enrichment analysis to uncover metabolic pathways that are only present in one group but not in another utilizing a KEGG database.

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  • Readily browse genomic content
  • Export pertinent statistics (contigs, CDS, GC ratio, rRNA, tRNA, etc.) as Excel or FASTA format
  • Create publication ready genome maps
  • Detect lateral gene transfer
  • Various Pan-genome Orthologous analysis
  • Statistical biomarker discovery

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Custom Bioinformatics

Everyone has unique needs sometimes. At EzBiome we understand that our powerful tools cannot always fit your needs but they can make a great starting point. If you do have a project that requires more we’re happy to help. We have a whole department that’s setup just to support custom projects.

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