Fungal Identification

EzITSFunD provides a fungal identification based on ITS sequence supported by the phylogenetic relationship between your unknown isolate and its closely related organisms. Using DNA sequencing technologies, we can target a few regions useful for fungal identification. Our EzITSFunID service is based on the ITS2 region as in general, this has been shown to have the best discrimination power compared to the other regions. EzBiome’s Fungal database is rapidly expanding. The database has developed after fully validating each strain entered using rigorous standards. (To learn more about our fungal database, please click here).

Our EzITSFunID service offers an END-to-END solution (Sample to Result to ID report), provides fast, reliable, and accurate identification for your needs. We perform the entire process under a strict cGMP environment. Please, tell us how we can help you!

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