EzBiome’s team of expert bioinformaticians and software developers have the unique ability to support your needs with custom bioinformatics and in silico studies.

Revolutionizing biological and medical sciences, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has pushed the boundaries of discovery. However, a sequencing data analysis project requires careful planning, established methodology, and clear reporting. EzBiome offers comprehensive and collaborative solutions in all aspects of your microbiome and microbial sequencing projects. Together with you, we can create high-quality data and ready-for-publication figures.Our bioinformatics staff consists of PhD-level scientists trained in computer programming, statistics, genetics, genomics, microbial taxonomy, microbiology, as well as a host of other related disciplines.

Example applications include:

Large-scale microbiome analysis for the development of predictive biomarkers and tailored modulation of the gut microbiome.

Integration of multi-omics datasets into larger sets of cohort-based meta-data (disease targeting and therapeutic responses) for unique insights on novel therapeutic options and the development of innovative models of disease.

Aggregation, analysis and interdisciplinary translation of multidimensional data using machine learning and dedicated statistical approaches to uncover the dynamic patterns of health and disease, as well as predictions of disease risk, diagnosis, and prognosis.

Advanced characterization of probiotic and human pathogens based on genomic sequences

Probiotic discovery and advanced probiogenomic analysis to obtain genetic insights of health-promoting microorganisms

Pathogen discovery and large scale evolutionary and epidemiological studies of pathogen

Evolutionary dynamics, outbreak investigation and source tracking