Microbiome Sample to report Workflow


A robust sample collection procedure, along with a statistically aware study design, is of paramount importance for a bias-free, reproducible, and accurate microbiome study. To this end, we offer and utilize our laboratory standardized specimen-specific sample collection procedures in order to ensure accurate and unbiased biological representation of the microbial community in vivo. Some key features are of our sample collection procedures are –

  • Ease of collection, transportation, and storage 
  • Preserve and protect microbiome samples for biological representativeness
  • Ensure representation of site-specific and/or specimen specific microbiota
  • Avoid or minimize environmental and/or background host contaminations
  • Optimized bias-free protocol available for sample types with low and high biomass and/or bioburden

We offer statistically aware suggestions and recommendations on experimental design to incorporate into microbiome studies, with minimum additional resources, to enable a better and well-controlled microbiome research to achieve more rigor and reliability.


Isolation and purification of metagenomic community DNA is the first and most critical step in any DNA sequencing workflow; hence, we have developed sample processing and nucleic acid extraction protocols that are optimized with enhanced extraction efficiency, reduced bioburden (environmental and/or non-target background DNA), and ability to handle specimens with low biomass to ensure the purified product has high yield and purity while maintaining its biological representativeness.  

Typical sample type includes but not limited to:

  • Human and animal microbiome samples (i.e., stool, skin, blood, urine, tissue,  saliva, BAL etc.); 
  • Natural environmental samples (i.e., soil, water, waste water, air, surface); and
  • Industrial samples (i.e., food, feed, dairy, produce, probiotics and other functional foods, raw materials, cosmetics etc.)

If you have an optimized method you would like to use, you can use that as long it produces the recommended yield, purity, and integrity. If you need any help, feel free to reach out for our complimentary consultation.


Next generation sequencing library preparation kits have significantly been improved, yet ample care needs to be taken in choosing the right RNA or DNA library construction method that is compatible with the sequencing platforms to be used and the sample types being investigated. There are a variety of library preparation kits that we have validated and optimized for different sample types and applications. Our staff scientists are ready to help you identify the right library construction and sequencing solution based on unique needs and requirements of your projects. Just feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation and we will get in touch with you.

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